Unlocking Opportunities: More than 3/4 of young people in Honduras Job Training at CADERH Program are Working!

With PriceSmart Foundation’s support, youth participants in CADERH’s workforce training program have found success in their job hunt or started their own businesses.

September 15, 2023

Job training programs offer young people an avenue to quickly learn skills that can help them achieve better paying, and more stable, employment opportunities. That is why PriceSmart Foundation partnered with CADERH to offer a technical job training program to young people in Honduras. Students in this program were trained in four different career tracks in 2022. Students were able to choose from Bakery and Pastry, Sales and Inventory Management, Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and Industrial AC and Refrigeration. As important, they also received training in socio-emotional skills and career guidance. After completing internships, CADERH supported them to look for jobs or start independent businesses. As of August 2023, 79% of the 105 program graduates are working - 68 have found jobs, three of which are at PriceSmart Clubs in Honduras! Another 15 are pursuing entrepreneurship in their training areas, and 16 are continuing their studies.

Participants shared how transformative this program was for them.

José, who studied Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, said:

“Although I was nervous at first, I loved the whole [learning] process. I learned to do things with more care and with more responsibility. I didn’t expect to work at the port operator in Puerto Cortes, but [because of the training], I got a better opportunity.”

Eduard studied Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and is working as an independent maintenance contractor, after receiving a tool kit and entrepreneurship guidance from CADERH in addition to his technical training.  PriceSmart is one of his clients.  He reflected:

“I never imagined that I would have my own business. CADERH gave me a great start and here I am, working!  I like what I am doing a lot, putting into practice what I learned and providing a good service.”

Flor studied Sales and Inventory Management and is working at a coffee roaster and has a side business. She said:

“My experience in the training course was very important and it helps me with my small business. I am already putting into practice everything I learned in the course and at my internship at PriceSmart.”

PriceSmart Foundation and PriceSmart Inc are thrilled to support young people through training to find better careers. PriceSmart employees were happy to host interns and offer insight on working in their areas of expertise. The training and real work experience of programs like these provide young people with tools to reach new success in the work force. PriceSmart and CADERH have decided to renew this program and are excited to offer these great opportunities to many more Honduran young people!


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