Advancing the development of communities in Latin America and the Caribbean with sustainable and transformative projects.

Our Mission

The PriceSmart Foundation invests in creating an environment of opportunity and access for communities in countries in the region where PriceSmart operates its business. The foundation focuses on economic inclusivity, environmental and community resilience, youth development, and education.

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Our Programs & Initiatives

Aprender y Crecer Program

Serving more than 135,000 students at public elementary schools in Central America, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic; our Aprender y Crecer program provides school supplies, books, and other valuable resources to improve the educational experience; and more specifically to improve reading skills and outcomes.

Vision Program

A child who can’t see clearly can’t function at their fullest capacity nor reach their full potential in school. As part of our ongoing commitment with the future of our communities, we are developing a program to provide free vision exams and prescription eyeglasses to all students who need additional vision support in Aprender y Crecer schools.

Growth of Small & Medium Enterprises

Most job creation in developing economies comes from the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We partner with local and regional institutions to invest into and support SMEs to improve their capacity to grow their operations and expand their economic and social impact. We prioritize support to businesses led by women which in turn benefit family economic security and increase investment in children's education and health.

Youth Development

If young people have opportunities to complete their education, acquire workforce skills, secure employment, and engage in their communities, they will experience greater economic independence, increase their self-efficacy, and pursue a hopeful future for themselves and their families. We partner with nonprofit organizations to train young people and connect them to internships and jobs or start micro-enterprises.

Community Resilience & Disaster Relief

The PriceSmart Foundation and PriceSmart Inc. aim to be first responders and on the front lines when disaster strikes in our region. Events like hurricanes, seasonal flooding, earthquakes, and other disasters can have long-lasting consequences that hinder community development. We aim to leverage our supply chain, buying power, and relationships to support our communities and provide humanitarian aid in times of need. In addition, we support other organizations that are critical to the resiliency of communities in our region.

Every success story becomes a part of our legacy.

"The joy from the children, parents and teachers is evident when we read these books at school or at home. As principal, I am grateful for this contribution and wish for this alliance to continue for the benefit of the students and community of Río Blanco. Thank you very much Aprender y Crecer!"

Miriam Martínez
Aprender y Crecer,
Honduras 2022

"Thanks to the books and reading habit I developed, I realized I have the ability to speak and communicate, which will help me become a teacher. I am now studying education to be able to help many other children."

Marina Cabrera
Aprender y Crecer,
Guatemala 2022

"Receiving my first Aprender y Crecer package—as a teacher this time— was so exciting. I signed the receipt with tears in my eyes, remembering my packages as a student. I'm grateful because this material is to enjoy with my students."

Norma Guillén
Aprender y Crecer,
Nicaragua 2022

“What I liked most about the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainings is learning new skills.  PriceSmart Foundation has given us an excellent opportunity to work in something new, to continue learning. Opportunities like this to be a better person and professional every day do not appear twice in life, and you must know how to take advantage of them.”

Yankel Dickerman
Youth Development Program,
Honduras 2022

"The Sales and Inventory Manager training was better than I expected because it was practical, which really helped us understand the information.  Because of this course I want to inspire more people to get training because many times we as young people think that the courses are not going to work for us, but they help us learn and get a job opportunity, which is the first and foremost thing that a young person needs today."

Maryuri Rivera
Youth Development Program,
Honduras 2022

"The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance training and my internship at PriceSmart increased the confidence that I now have in myself and the knowledge that we women are capable of being leaders and doing things that perhaps other people think we cannot do, so after this course I say to myself, I will make a difference."

Keily Rodríguez
Youth Development Program,
Honduras 2022

We help create a better tomorrow, today.