We believe in equal opportunities for everyone.

Our commitment has been—and always will be— our people and our collective future.


Driven by mission.
Inspired by positive change.

We are a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and serve as the philanthropic partner for PriceSmart Inc, the largest operator of membership warehouse clubs in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Our charitable programs and initiatives aim to inspire positive change by providing resources to local organizations and institutions that support education, youth development, economic development, or community resilience.

Our mission to transform lives and communities started with Price Philanthropies Foundation 40 years ago in the home of our headquarters, San Diego, California. We continue focusing our efforts on youth, community health, education, and work opportunities. We will continue advancing our mission with programs like Aprender y Crecer, partnerships, and other initiatives.

Communities throughout
Latin America and the Caribbean.

We aim to build a more promising and fair future in which people come together to thrive.

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We look forward to the future.


Price Philanthropies Foundation launches school supply donation pilot program in Costa Rica. Supplies are donated to around 2,000 students at 6 public schools. This program will later become known as Aprender y Crecer.


In addition to school supplies, Aprender y Crecer begins donating books directly to students.


Aprender y Crecer supports more than 100,000 students in the region.


PriceSmart and Price Philanthropies create the PriceSmart Foundation.

Aprender y Crecer donates its 1 millionth school supply package.

We provided grants to local organizations to increase access to job opportunities and human development for Honduran youth.

We invested with other donors to boost the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises led by women in Honduras and Guatemala.


We added more program members in Guatemala and Colombia.The 2023 Juntos Por la Educación campaign achieved remarkable success, raising over $2.2 million in donations from PriceSmart Members, complemented by matching funds from Price Philanthropies.


Social organizations in Jamaica received grants to support primary education and youth employability.