Helping communities thrive. Together.

We seek to support and strengthen our communities by investing in educational development, economic opportunity and community resilience.


We help create a better tomorrow, today.

We believe in dynamic, inclusive,
and strong communities.


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per year students with books & supplies through Aprender y Crecer


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Initiatives & Programs

We work to build communities where economic and educational opportunities are attainable and leaders can grow to drive their communities forward.

Grant-Making Focus

We invest in the future by focusing on youth development and providing economic opportunities to strengthen communities facing hardships and climate change.


We achieve more by working together with the people, institutions, and locally based community organizations that align with our long-term goals.

Our Pillars


Through Aprender y Crecer, we provide school supplies, books, valuable resources, and services to students and teachers at public primary schools to enhance the educational experience and outcomes for elementary students. Additionally, we have other programs where we support alternative secondary education and technical higher education.

Economic Opportunity

Helping disadvantaged populations in accessing skills, guidance, market information, and connections needed to secure decent livelihoods through formal employment or successful small and medium enterprises. Additionally, we support women to ensure their ventures thrive.

Community Resilience

Addressing core community needs that underpin families’ ability to withstand adversity by meeting ongoing needs such as food insecurity and lack of safe community spaces, or responding to acute crises such as climate and health emergencies.