Scent of Success: Jakelyn’s Inspiring Transformation through Coffee

Jakelyn, a woman from Guatemala City who lived in extreme poverty faced numerous obstacles as a single mother, but found a new life full of hope and success when she entered the Creamos' Workforce Inclusion Program, discovering her passion for coffee and transforming her future as a professional barista.

March 13, 2024

Meet Jakelyn, a resilient woman residing in one of the most underserved parts of Guatemala City, right on the outskirts of a garbage dump. In the midst of extreme poverty, Jakelyn and her daughter navigate the daily challenges of life. From the age of 18, Jakelyn encountered rejection and despair in her pursuit of a decent job. As a single mother, she battled the discouraging belief that success was unattainable for her.

Amidst this struggle, a turning point came when a friend suggested seeking help from the NGO Creamos. Here, Jakelyn found not only psychological support but also a life-changing opportunity – the Workforce Inclusion Program. This program aims to equip individuals like Jakelyn with the skills needed to secure dignified employment.

Determined, Jakelyn committed herself to the program, where she underwent training as a barista. Beyond discovering the intricacies of brewing coffee, Jakelyn uncovered a passion that propelled her forward.

Empowered by newfound confidence, familial support, and Creamos' backing, Jakelyn secured a position at a renowned coffee laboratory. Today, she excels as a laboratory assistant. With a refreshed and optimistic perspective, Jakelyn looks to the future with hope and gratitude, recognizing the transformative impact of coffee on her and her daughter's lives.

The Creamos Workforce Inclusion Program, funded in part by PriceSmart Foundation, aims to provide technical training to young people facing vulnerability in various fields such as food and beverages, technology, and construction. Specifically targeting over 300 individuals residing in marginalized areas surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump, this program addresses the substantial barriers, especially for women, to gainful employment. Creamos and the PriceSmart Foundation work together to empower women like Jakelyn, offering professional training and creating pathways to better economic and emotional opportunities.


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