Exciting Opportunity for Women-Owned Businesses in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador!

April 28, 2023

PriceSmart is partnering with Agora to promote the “Juntas Contamos” program for women-led small businesses in Central America. The program aims to help business owners “level up” their businesses through a four-part learning program.

Participants will:

1.    Gain knowledge to improve their business performance through technology, sustainable practices, and business capabilities.

2.    Learn strategies to connect to new markets to satisfy corporate demand for local sustainable and diverse suppliers!

3.    Have the opportunity to access financing from program allies.

4.    Access the platform for information exchange and learn to leverage their data to obtain financing and partnerships.

If you are or know a woman-led micro, small or medium business owner, click the link below to apply! More information is available here.

Apply Here

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